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cement plant, feldspar processing line

Feldspar Processing Plant

As a professional manufacturer of cement plant, CIROS are able to offer all-round mining solutions for our honored customers according to their practical situations and particular requirements. In modern cement industry, the feldspar is a common raw material for cement, for those cement enterprises which use the feldspar as raw material, Shanghai CIROS are able to supply all kinds of feldspar processing plant. Usually, conveying system, vibrating feeder, crushing plants, grinding plants and automatic packing machinery are consisted of the feldspar processing line.

Feldspar for Cement Industry

Feldspar is a rock-forming mineral, Crusher Mining Cone and it belongs to an abundant mineral on Earth. Feldspars are generally light-colored, including white, pink, tan, green, or gray. The color varies due to impurities within the crystal structure. Feldspar is the mineral that gives granite its pink, green or gray color. Typically, feldspars are relatively hard at 6 on Mohs' hardness Crush Resistance Wheel scale.

Feldspar Processing Plant for Cement Production

In the cement industry, the feldspar always needs two important processing procedures, including crushing and grinding. According to the two processing stages, it needs the feldspar crusher and grinding plant. The below is the detailed introduction of feldspar processing plants.
Feldspar Crushing Plant: The process of feldspar crushing is consisted of primary crushing and secondary crushing. Typically, the jaw crusher is used in the primary crushing, and the impact crusher is used in the secondary crushing. Usually, according to the quarry conditions, mobile crushers are also used in the feldspar quarrying. As for the selection of feldspar crushing plants, CIROS specialists suggest using the PE series jaw crusher and PFW series impact crusher, which features high efficiency, high capacity, reliable performance and low operation cost.
Feldspar Grinding Plant: For the cement production, crushed feldspar particles should turn into the feldspar powder made by feldspar grinding plant. As for the selection of grinding mill, CIROS specialists suggest the LM Series vertical mill is the best choice. It is equipped with an automatic control device, which can ensure the remote control, making the operation easier than traditional vertical mill. On the other hand, the LM Series vertical mill is sealed, when the whole system is working under the negative pressure, there is no powder overflow. In addition, its capacity can also give you an unexpected pleasure!

Supplier of Feldspar Processing Plant

If you want to expand the capacity of cement factory, or you are eager to change your old cement machinery, please contact with us! CIROS experts will offer you our best products and service, in addition, CIROS are able to provide you a whole set of feldspar processing plant, combined with the conveying system, feeding device, crushing plants, grinding plants and automatic packing machin

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