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2nd hand vibratory screen,vibrating screen manufacturer, for sale in India

With a solid reputation for its heavy-duty reliable products, CIROS delivers a total line of mobile vibratory screens especially developed for deployment in websites which are not permanent, e.g. quarries, sand and gravel pits, or for use by organizations involved in landscaping, composting, landfill and soil decontamination. Besides to provide clients the new vibratory screen, CIROS also provides the 2nd hand vibratory screens for India.

Vibratory screen:

Vibrating screens, also called shaker screens, topic bearings to intense operating circumstances. High "g" forces as a result of continuous acceleration and influence from material on the bed need bearings with additional capacity and robust cages. The high loads trigger deflection of your shafts and housings so the bearings should accommodate misalignment in operation. Lastly, the application subjects the bearings to high speeds and very contaminated environments so the bearings ought to operate smoothly and have minimal friction.
These bearings is usually utilised in mining, construction, aggregate, asphalt recycling, steel manufacturing, and common industrial equipment where heavy loads, vibration, and impact loads are widespread. Typical Hammer Crusher examples contain vibrating screens and crushers. CIROS has developed a specific line of spherical roller bearings to operate beneath the quite serious conditions present in vibrating screen applications. Special characteristics in these bearings, for example longer asymmetrical rollers, finger-type machined brass cages, and constructive roller guidance, result in greater bearing life, cooler operation, and less gear down time. These bearings are obtainable inside the 22300 line of spherical roller bearings and are indicated with suffix.


  • Quick transform of your drive unit
  • Constant infinitely variable stroke
  • Optionally with bottom or top drive unit
  • Replacement service for CIROS double unbalance drive units
  • Low all round height owing for the horizontal arrangement of assemblies
  • Optimum adaptation towards the particular screening job by altering the angle of throw


Vibrating screen bearings typically operate in highly contaminated environments beneath heavy load and shock load. Because of this, good lubrication, regardless of whether oil or grease, is important. For each, a minimal base oil viscosity of 20CST (100 SUS) is needed in the operating temperature and either mineral or synthetic base oils might be employed. It can be generally best to provide for any viscosity 2-3 occasions the minimum as a security factor. With grease, a lubricant with corrosion inhibitors and intense pressure(EP) additives is essential to reduce wear and prolong bearing life. A consistency grade of NLGI 2, or preferably NLGI 3, is suggested. It is important to utilize the same grease for re-lubrication as was initially packed in the bearing. Most screen plant producers suggest a re-lubrication interval of 40-50 hours; depending on an 8-10 hour working day, this Crusher Machine For Clay In Chennai implies weekly greasing. Greases containing molybdenum disulfide's (MoS2) are not encouraged. Oil lubrication can have a lot of types: oil bath, circulating oil, oil splash, oil mist. Selection is determined by viscosity and additives at the same time as the lubrication system in use. Oil alterations must be carried out regularly(excepting oil mist) but the interval is determined by practical experience. The condition really should be monitored closely till the suitable interval is established. Consult the operating manual for the machine for initial guidelines.

2nd hand vibratory screed for sale:

The 2nd hand vibratory screen not only saves significantly far more production price, but additionally has high production efficiency. As an expert and well-known vibratory screens manufacturer, CIROS will present the 2nd hand vibratory screen for India. Welcome to consult us.

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