Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Architectural asphalt aggregate recycling technology

Practice has proved that the architectural of asphalt concrete is indeed very promising shredder recycling processing. First, the architectural of asphalt concrete at any time through the mill recycling, saving transportation costs to create the conditions for improving the city environment, to achieve standardization of the construction site, building a civilized site. Is mixed in with the architectural of asphalt concrete in various types of steel formwork and scaffold parts were sieve into the grinder out, greatly reduces parts wear and tear. Recycling sand material to completely replace the yellow sand.

Heating aggregate, filler and bitumen to the appropriate proportion and into a homogeneous mixture, formed by the compaction of asphalt concrete or bitumen aggregate.
Asphalt concrete by combining different materials, can be divided into two major categories of petroleum asphalt and coal tar pitch; some countries or areas are used or mixed with natural asphalt mixing. Used different varieties of aggregates can be divided into the gravel, gravel, sandy, slag, gravel using the most common. According to the maximum particle size of the mixture can be divided into coarse-grained (35 to 40 mm), medium-grained (20 to 25 mm), fine-grained (10 to 15 mm), sand (5-7 mm) several categories.

SBM architectural asphalt aggregate recycling equipment for sale

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