Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Earth Hour" and SBM Mineral processing equipment promotion environmental philosophy of low carbon from design to production

March 31, 2012, the last Saturday of March, the annual "Earth Hour" is also Ruqierzhi. Activity initiatives, 20:30 ~ 21:30, the lights for one hour. The purpose is not simple simple single order to the power-saving, more importantly, to stimulate the sense of responsibility to protect the Earth's, and thinking on climate change and other environmental issues, and a small action that joint efforts against global warming action on the global supported.
\"Earth Hour\" and SBM Mineral processing equipment promotion environmental philosophy of low carbon  from design to production

Dramatic changes in the global environment, the mining machinery industry said: energy saving, environmental protection, mining machinery crushing response to the market risk of the medicine is the future. At the same time, energy saving and environmental protection is also leading to the dominant trend for the future development of green technology.

In response to the deteriorating global environmental issues in the field of mining machinery industry, while encouraging to find mine also strengthened to rectify the intensity of the mining market. With the large number of small metallurgical, small coal mines, small cement companies, the new large-scale concentrator, large-scale coal preparation plant and a large cement plant construction in succession, a higher demand for mining equipment, and the urgent need to address capacity, selected sub-high efficiency, reliable operation of energy saving equipment. Mine automation of environmental protection equipment, large and energy-efficient mining machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises focus of future research topics.

Mining machinery replacement soon, but the original aim, energy saving and environmental protection, mining machinery and equipment is still the inevitable trend of the industry's future long-term development. Mining machinery and equipment for airports, railway, highway, road construction and national large bridge, construction of the undersea tunnel, land tunnel, the new high-rise buildings provide quality sand and gravel aggregate. The field of application is also widely distributed in the mining, cement, metallurgy, ceramics, gravel, construction, road building and other industries. The development of some minerals, especially the development of coal, ceramic clay, to produce large amounts of waste, so green, mining machinery and equipment and processing mine wastes used as filling material has also been advocated, so crushing and screening equipment to directly promote the slag resource recycling.

SBM Mining Equipment Group inc under the guidance of national policy to accelerate the pace of enterprise reform, continued to emerge in strict accordance with the needs of the market customers, organization development and production of machinery and equipment for efficient energy saving and environmental protection, forming with manufacturing and development capabilities, engineering capabilities, innovation the corporate entity, the enterprise built with the market competition ability and anti-risk ability of modern mining machinery enterprises Group, efforts to mine Heavy industry to provide energy-saving environmental protection complete sets of equipment to reduce mining the user's risk and investment for the starting point for my China mining machinery industry the development of positive contribution.

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