Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The development status and trend of crusher

The broken material is many industries (such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, ceramic road) in the production process indispensable. Because of the difference of the physical properties of materials and structures, in order to meet the requirements of various materials, varieties are also of a wide variety of crusher. On the dressing metal mine, crushing is the first process of ore dressing plant, in order to separate the useful minerals, not only into crushing, crushing, fine crushing and grinding. Because the grinding is the major energy concentrator (about the power consumption of 50%), in order to save energy and improve production efficiency, so we put forward "technology principle of more crushing and less grinding". This makes the crusher to crushing, crushing and high efficient energy saving direction. Also with the development of industrial automation, crusher also move to automation direction (such as foreign products to achieve mechatronics, continuous detection, and automatically adjust the feed rate, row ore mouth size and crushing strength etc.). With the expansion of production scale, crusher To large-scale development, such as crushing processing ability of gyratory crusher has reached 6000t/h. As for the crushing of new principles and new way (such as electrical, thermal fragmentation) is still in research trials, temporarily can not be used in the production of. The thick broken, there is no updated equipment developed to replace the traditional jaw crusher and gyratory crusher, is the use of modern technology, to improve, perfect and improve the wear resistance, saving energy, high efficiency, the goal of longevity. The new models are more finely. On the whole, it has: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and roll press.How Works A Jaw Crusher.

Only in the quality and the performance also has the very big disparity. Such as 800 * 1100 jaw China PE750 x 1000 type jaw crusher and the United States of America HR company crusher (size slightly larger than China), heavy machine are respectively 28000kg and 18000kg. HR products are light weight more, it reflects the design and manufacturing level is much higher than in china. Once upon a time frame bearing and the movable jaw bearing size (round * bore x thickness) can also be seen in the gap.

To narrow the gap and proceed with determination and exceed the foreign advanced technology, it is necessary to increase the technical inputs. The introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment broken, no doubt on China's crushing machine quality and technology are of great significance, but the introduction of the key lies in the digestion, absorption, and its localization. There are conditions to do their own research and development of the unit, should pay attention to improve the quality of products, quality including ancillary products, to make our products occupy a space for one person in the international market. 

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